Good Lightweght Typing Program

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Good Lightweght Typing Program

I am lookin for a lightweight typing program for my wallstreet with OS 10.2. I would really like something that can do all the formattign stuff that word can do, minus all the other stuff that word can do. Can text edit do that? I have looked at appleworks and I still have my OS9 version, can I upgrade to appleworks for OSX for free? If so, how can I do that?
Also, will appleworks OSX bog down the 233MHz processor badly?


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Appleworks works fine on OSX and as long as you have version 6 you can upgarde it for free to work on OSX search the apple support site for the update.

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I think TextEdit can do what you need. If it doesn't break the formatting of Word documents, then its likely it can apply similar formatting to new docs. I like it, use it for 90% of my word processing, but sometimes its hard to find how to do the formating you want. If it is lacking in anything, its good documentation.

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And TextEdit does RTF, which

And TextEdit does RTF, which many places want for cross platform files without dealing with various Word version bungles.

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