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My Dear Fritterians,
Going to be away for a few days, so I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays, and may all of your stockings be stuffed with Mac Minis...


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I too

I too want to wish everyone a happy holidays. and I hope everyone get's what they wanted. I got mine (a DVD Burner Biggrin ) and time with my family.

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may all your holidays be good

I hope every one gets a good mac gift
or gives the gift of a mac

happy holidays

from appleman
and the powerbook info

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No Mini for me!!

I already got my christmas gift, an iMac G5, 17in, w/ 1gb of RAM. (just came in a little early)

By the way, can you use the camera at the top for anything other than photoboth and ichat av?


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Thar' be a Mini on der way fo

Thar' be a Mini on der way for me! A healthy dose of gift cards and some bonus cash for computer help that I never expected any money for, and I'm holding about $500-600 for one ATM. I might even end up with more, if I've been a good geek this year. That would mean a new LCD or wireless kb/mouse. Woo!

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happy xmas to everyone.......

happy xmas to everyone.......peace out

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