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I've been programming computers since 1976/77 Started on TRS-80's, Commodore PET, & Apple II, also had Access to a mainframe at University of Minnesota. In college started working with VAX mainframe & IBM PC's. I've programmed 6502 assembly, 8088 assembly, COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC(many variations), C, C++, PASCAL. I Still have my original Apple IIe which was upgraded to //e enhanced. I wrote a program for processing message traffic for the US Navy Submarines in 1994 that is still in use today. (should have sold it, I had no idea it would last this long (I do maintain the copyright though)) I have an Apple //e, w/AE Serial Pro, Ramworks III w/1M & RGB option, Apple SCSI rev C, 3.5in Drives & ASCO/LIRON controller, Mouse, SCSI ZIP250, And the coupdegrace Transwarp w/W65C802. Used so much power that I had to replace the Apple power supply after awhile w/Applied Engineering power supply. Have Uthernet, CFFA & Apple HS SCSI card in a ROM01 IIGS with PS/2 Mouse using a PS2 to ADB converter. I also have an EPROM burner that I used to change the ROM's a little. Altered Video Rom Character set. An AST Sprint Ramdisk. And a Sprite II card (never had a use for but looked cool at the time, one of those technologies that never really developed). I Want to add an RGB LCD screen to the mix, need a scan converter or something to adapt the 15.75KHz to something atleast twice that. I wrote a loader to enable DOS 3.3 binary programs to work in ProDOS. It attaches to the front of the binary program and relocates the program to where ever it needs to be to run. Works with most programs. Anybody wants a copy just ask.
Computers, Electronics, Robotics, High Energy Physics, Magnetics, Astromomy, Photography, and now Microcontrollers. Tesla & Einstein are my heroes.


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