Shadow Maker 1.1.0

Shadow Maker is a simple utility for placing shadow effects on pictures.
You take a large base image and place a smaller floating image above
that. You can then change the placing of the shadow on the base image;
as well as changing the shadow's dark...

ShareDraw 2.02

ShareDraw is a full feature drawing application for the MacOS distributed
using the shareware system. It isn't crippled or limited in anyway - you
can try all its features without spending any money up front. All we ask is
that if you find it usefu...

FretPet 2.1.4 - Guitar-oriented QuickTime music sequencer

FretPet 2.1.4 - March 2000
by Scott Lahteine
Shareware for Mac OS
Categories: MIDI / Music / Multimedia / Education

FretPet is a dynamic interactive guitar-oriented musical sequencer.
It features a unique 4-voice sequencer that allows anyone t...

Scrapit Pro 5.5

Try the award winning utility called ScrapIt Pro (it has received many
awards and accolades from MacUser, MacWorld, MacAddict and many
electronic Mac publications)! Anything you can copy to the clipboard
can be pasted and stored in a ScrapIt Pro fil...

Seagull Video Player 2 - Create video playlists and play them full screen.

Seagull Video Player is the only Macintosh application available today for
easily creating video playlists. That means that you can select a group of
videos and Seagull Video Player will play them all, one after another.
Seagull Video Player 2 now su...

ColorKeeper 2.4 - Excellent color manager with any application

ColorKeeper 2.4

ColorKeeper is a feature rich utility that will work with any graphics
application, text editor, word processor or browser for sampling,
creating, storing, and managing colors. Save over 220 colors on four
user named palettes. A...

eTktab 3.0: an intuitive guitar tablature editor


eTktab is an ASCII tablature editor for 4/5/6 stringed instruments. Features
include: 30 fretboard positions available by single keypress, lyrics, expression
marks, solo/chord tab entry modes, and custom guitar tu...

Salvage 1.0 For Mac OS 9


Salvage is a tool for recovering digital camera photos from corrupt
removable media.

You can find Salvage at:

Path: /www/exparrot/


Name: ScanCalc
Version: 1.5
Type: Application
Requires: A color Mac running System 7.1 or better. Has been
tested on PowerMac 8500 and PowerBook G3 Series
running Mac OS 8.1. It is a fat binary.
Purpose: A ...

CHPaint 1.0

Try this free drawing program for the Mac. Although many improvements
are to come, this version features drawing with squares, circles, and
triangles. In this program you can also use most regular colors. CHPaint
also includes a way to export picture...

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