Apple pascal poster, remade

It's been a while since I've been around the fritter :). I figure this is the most likely forum here for this. Over the long weekend I dove into this recreation of the 1979 apple pascal poster. I aimed to keep the slightly hand-drawn feel to it.

The PDF is at the size I found mentioned on an auction of the original, and will print nicely at any local print shop, likely. It's an illustrator-editable pdf, as well as an svg, all text outlined. Do with it what you need, and enjoy!



Apple Presents...Easter Egg!

Back in 1983, how many users found the secret message in this instructional software?


Bargle program by Sue Espinosa

Bargle Bargle Bargle



Transmitting a simple datagram via Video Vapor

  • Define a short datagram to be transmitted via vapor from visible screen memory.
  • Encode single-cycle accurate video phase via vapor datagram.
  • Construct a routine to receive the vapor datagram and synchronize itself to the video scanner.
  • Write a simple BASIC program to demonstrate all that!


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