"How to alienate the majority of your customer base 101"


Even his example of media player 9 is rotten. Maybe you need XP to get some obscure funciton to work BUT it installs and works fine with all windows 98/2000 machines. This new safari won't work at all with anything less than 10.3.x.

Powerbook 3400

I have a Macintosh PowerBook 3400c/200
200MHz 603e
48 Megs of RAM
3 Gig HD
12X CD module
stereo speaker sound system (4 speakers)
OS 9.1 With apps on it.

Can send picures if needed. Please email me with best offers! I really need to sell it so no decent offer is refused!

My Photo Gallery...

I'm starting to get into this kind of new AF thing... I'm likin' it for the most part.

One question -- when I upload pics to my photo gallery, is there a way to automatically scale them down to a set size? Or is there an OS X app that could do batch sets for me? Even pics taken at 1.3 megapixels are quite large on screen, and I'd like to scale them back some. What's a good size for viewing, say, in a hack page?


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