SCSI-Ethernet and 68882.

Hello I am looking for a SCSI-Ethernet adapter and a 68882 for my Color Classic. I already has a IIe in there so that prevents me from using a internet NIC.

I am near Dallas Texas.


Uninstall for Adobe Acrobat

Total noob ? but how do i completely remove Adobe Acrobat from my powerbook. Since I have installed this my mac is hanging at the desktop for a minute and then all of the icons appear.

It never did this until I installed adobe's software. I'd rather not read pdf's if it slows the boot up that much.

The Best Keyboard??

I spilled some water on my keyboard this morning and it $hite th bed. now I'm back to the OEM apple board that came with my G4. is there a place out there that has a review of keyboards out on the market that have features that work with a Mac? I had a micro$oft ergonomic Keyboard (the one that crapped out) I liked it a lot, but I don't have to have ergo again (but its nice, I have big hands) Do you guys have any favorites or recommendations?


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