Improved node listing

If the user wants to see all the Apple II items, they would go to this url:

But this provides us with way too much information on each page, and there will potentially be hundreds of items, especially in such a broad category. We need a mod that will allow us to view only title, author, date, and ideally a short description and a thumbnail image. The last two features would be absolutely fantastic, but the basic modification really needs to get done soon.

full boolean support for Taxonomy

It would be absolutely spectacular if there was a way to do complex boolean sorting based on taxonomies

For example, I'd love to be able to list all nodes that meet the following criteria:

Apple II and "Project or Guide" not Apple ///

Working taxonomy

Compare the results of these:

And then these:,68,68

That should definitely bring up the "Apple II Hardware Guide", since it's both a Guide and Hardware. I think this is a problem with my mysql query in the taxonomy module, if you have time to look at it.

This is critical to getting the display o


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