Applefritter recently purchased several computers from the Colby Estate. The remainder are going to auction. The second WalkMac is now on eBay.


The Ham Radio Exam

I've been thinking, for quite some time, about getting a ham radio license. I've been going to hamfests (mostly for the computers) since middle school, but never knew anybody well who had an amateur radio license.

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Bringing a Rolodex REX-3 back to life

About a year ago I came across an Amazon store selling what seemed like "new in box" Xircom / Rolodex REX-3 organisers. I'd always wanted one of these ever since seeing them advertised in Popular Science back in the early 2000s, so I figured for $35 I'd take a punt and see what turned up.

What eventually arrived was a complete REX-3 kit still sealed in its shrinkwrap, including the RS232 docking station, original leather wallet, software etc. This then sat on my shelf for about 12 months until I remembered I needed to buy some batteries for it.


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