Apple IIc questions...

I just picked up an Apple IIc and I have a couple of questions. It came with an external 5.25" drive, a couple of joysticks and a mono monitor. I have no disks to test. Without a physical floppy disk or the ability to make one, is there anything that I can do to test this computer? It powers on just fine and I get the Apple IIc line at the top of the screen and Check Disk Drive at the bottom... I plugged in the external drive and it doesn't do much of anything (I see the red power light flash briefly when I turn on the computer).

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Apple II Cards: Most Useful / Least Useful?

Hi, all.

Just for fun, as it relates to current times use, what is your opinion of the most useful and least useful Apple II card (II / II+ / IIe / IIGS - your choice)

For most useful, I say Apple Disk II Controller Card

For least useful, I would say a 300 baud modem.



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