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Audiophiles unite!

So, how can I get the absolute highest quality files from my CDs when I import them?

Mac OS 9...

eMac and OS 9 airport.

Damn my obsession with items that are virtually useless to me!

Or, is this just totally another bout of my obsession with totally useless items? Lets think about my current situation shall we? I have, at the moment, three computers of which two are macs. One, 14 inch iBook G4 1.42 ghz, An eMac 1ghz model with 640 mb of ram and my pride and joy a homebuilt PC with an AMD Athlon 64 3200+, 6600LE PCI-e gfx card, 2.5 gb of RAM, a 40 gb and a 250 gb pata hard drive. So, do I really need this old piece of technology?


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