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iPod Hacks

Hey, does anybody know about any interesting iPod hacks? I am already bored of my plain white 40GB iPod. I want interface, and external hacks.
TY! :macos:

More hardware...

I went shopping at ole Surplus Exchange on Sat. and ran across some nice guys. Alex, who is well know in there, introduced me to Jack. Jack offered me a Sun SBUS frame buffer for my SS1000 for just $5. He'ss got an SS1000 too, so he knows what it's like to own a ~100lbs. computer. :coolmac: I called him tonight to see about picking it up, and he offered me an IBM P70 (17" workstation monitor for RS/6000s, etc.) for another $5. Wow. Back on Sat. Alex offered me a *FREE* 20" Sun monitor.


For the first time in over a year, I've finally got a job. My last one being such a dread (telemarketer), and having to deal with heavy bouts of depression keeping me down, I haven't really been very motivated to do much of anything for a long time.


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