Problems with .SIT files

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Problems with .SIT files

I recently pieced together a Color Classic with an LC575 motherboard and 68040 CPU with math coprocessor. Everything is working great, although I am having a very difficult time with expanding/unsitting .SIT archive files. I have downloaded a few apps in .SIT format and have tried unsitting them on the Color Classic with UNSTUFFIT versions 1.5 thru 3.5 to no avail. Even though the files I am trying to unsit are named .SIT, the UNSTUFFIT programs will not even show them in their file menus! What gives?! Help!!!!!!!!

I know that I could unsit them on my main G3 mac and then run them on my CC, but I'm working with the limited space of floppy drives.


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The Stuffit compression forma

The Stuffit compression format changed a few years back and is not backwards compatible, so you may need to get Stuffit Expander 5.x. you can get version 5 here.
Version 5 is the last 68K compatible version.

BTW, you don't need to post your question in more than one area here... it'll get read.

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