Possible upgrades to my Tangerine iBook...

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Possible upgrades to my Tangerine iBook...

I'd like to get a little more mileage out of my Tangerine iBook running 10.1.5 so I'm contemplating the few upgrades available. I'm running MS Office, ProTools (but not always reliably!) for some down-and-dirty audio production, my AOL via dial-up and occasionally via ethernet, IE via ethernet at work, and Citrix on IE when I'm away from work with this laptop. I don't intend to part with this iBook, even if I replace it with something else, so I'm wondering what would be the best path to stay current.

1) I currently have a 256mb DIMM installed for a total of 320mb RAM. If I install a 512mb DIMM, will it recognize all 576mb of installed RAM (64mb on-board + 512mb in the DIMM slot)? Or is there a cap on the amount of RAM this will recognize/address?

2) Gotta get an Airport card. While I have hard-wired ethernet available at most places I take my laptop, wireless would be more simple where available. Can I take advantage of both "b" and "g" standards? What card do I need?

3) Gotta swap-out the internal drive before it rolls craps. I can/will back-up everything on an external USB drive soon. Is the interenal easily replaced? Recommendations for a replacement? Transferring data? I can see it...just not sure I'm ready to start removing everything under the keyboard. This should probably be a higher priority. I get along just fine with the installed RAM and hard-wired network connection, but a dead internal hard drive would be a disaster.

tony b.

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Your answers . . .

1) Yes. 512MB + builtin

2) AP is "b" only. Apple AP card.

3) No, it's a PITA. Any 9.5mm. Get an external 2.5mm USB drive case, slow but functional.

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I would recommend installing

I would recommend installing Panther (or wait for Tiger) on it as it's faster and more stable than 10.1, it will also let you run newer programs. Also ditch IE unless you really need it. Safari on 10.3 or Firefox will be alot faster and offer better compatibility.

As for the HD, Google for the [google]Apple Service Manuals[/google] and you should find a page with the manuals for the iBook, that will show you how to take it apart.


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Been there, done that

I have used a 20GB HD in the iBook Blueberry, and it was an off the shelf HD. I have used a 512MB Dimm in the iBook and, yes, it does work. And no, an airport extreme won't fit in there because of the different pin/card Config. Plus, I think that the Architecture is different.

Good Luck, I didn't use a manual but this site will help:


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