FS/T: G3 upgraded 1400cs--Burlwood 'Book!

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FS/T: G3 upgraded 1400cs--Burlwood 'Book!

I just finished this mod, so I thought I would see if anyone wanyed to buy it. If I get no offers here I will post it on eBay.

Burlwood 'Book

Here are the specs:

Newrtech NuPower G3 233 upgrade
48 mbram
1.3 gb HD
8.6 installed
Ethertech internal ethernet--not a PC card!
Orinoco WaveLAN Silver WiFi card
12x CD-Rom and floppy modules
Yo-Yo style ac adapter

I also have the manual and the original 1400 restore CD.

I would like to get about $250--the G3 upgrade alone cost me $150 so I think this is fair. If I get the $250, I will also include a clear bookcover with all the inserts and the original 133mhz processor that came with the computer. I would also consider a trade for a modest Wallstreet Powerbook--buying one is my ultimate goal.

Let me know here or by PM if you are interested. I will accept Paypal--I am a verified Premier member.

Thanks again guys!

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Would also consider parting some of this out....

I also have lots of 1400 parts for sale:

--Sandisk 128mb CF card-$35; PC card CF reader/writer-$15; Both for $45

-1400cs 116 complete lower half w/750mb HD, 12mbRAM, floppy drive and good battery--$30

--Drives--6x CD rom drive-$25; extra floppy drive-$10; 750mb HD-$5

--116mhz 1400 processor-$5

--I will also part with the 233mhz G3 upgrade in the Burlwood Book--$125.

--Farallon EtherMac PC card with dongle--works great!!-$15

Let me know if any of this interests anyone.

PS--I have posted the Burlwood Book on eBay--I will cut the price of the system as described here and on eBay to $200 plus actual UPS ground shipping for anyone on Applefritter who wants it.

Thanks again everyone!

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I'm looking for the cd expansion drive for a pb1400

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