Worst (or most interesting) thing(s) you ever found inside an Apple II Computer

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Worst (or most interesting) thing(s) you ever found inside an Apple II Computer

I was over in another forum where the discussion was around
the worst or most interesting things ever found in a Mac
Computer. Some real strange stuff there! I thought it might
be neat to start a similar thread here fo the Apple II folks.

I got an old Apple IIe from a surplus outlet that had a
mouse nest in it. BIG one! The computer worked, though. It
needed a thorough cleaning and the keyboard cable had to be
replaced as the insulation on a couple of leads was chewed.

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Worst stuff

I got an Apple IIe that had an old dead jelly donut inside the case. It was hard as a rock and grey and fuzzy! We cut it open just to see what it was. EWWWW! Not stinky but jelly had leaked out long ago on the circuit board and we had to clean it off with rubbing alcohol. It corroded some of the connections and we resoldered them. The computer worked but was kind of temprmental so I ended up using it for parts like RAM chips and stuff. The monitor and drivers were OK though.

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I can't believe you did that...

I can't believe that you cut an old grey fuzzy thing open just to see what it was... My first instinct would have been, "I'm not touching that..."

Or even, "Stand back... It might be alive!!!"

I salute your curious nature and sense of exploration... In one brave move you have demonstrated the renegade side of Apple users that has long been lauded by the nefarious PC factions... For that, I commend you.

Keep up the good work!

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My Apple IIe

I found a big a**ed spiders nest in mine. Lots of Black Flag bug spray after taking it outside. Millions of baby spiders came out of the thing! The nest was down under the keyboard. I found it when I was cleaning the dust out of the cabinet with a vacuum cleaner. I got
the big spider by chance (mommy?) and that's when I decided to stop and take the computer outside and bomb the nest. Good thing I did it out side of I'd be still killing spiders!

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Great subject

My Apple IIplus is only around today in my office because my brother who is 1/2 owner stored it in his garage for many years. One day while I was big into collecting computers I asked him about it. After a search of his garage we located it packed away in a box with newspaper for packing material. Anxiously I opened the box to relive my youth only to find much of the newspaper had been used as a nest for mice or rats. Not only did they leave paper all in the Apple II but they left a little of everything else. After completely tearing it down, inspecting and cleaning it, the only damage was to the foam under the speaker which was chewed up. Overall, my IIplus survived what could have been a total loss.

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I pulled a couple of Apple IIe's out of the dump where they were about to be "recycled". They were covered in mud, inside and out. I got them home, washed them out, dried them out thoroughly, made sure all of of the chips were plugged in all the way. They started right up and ran great!


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Worst (or most interesting) thing(s) you ever found ...

Over the years, I've done a lot of repair and exchange work for folks. One event that sticks out, is when an elderly lady brought me her ][ Plus complaining that the keyboard sometimes didn't work right.

Inspection of the interior revealed a rolled up Ziplock baggie containing her grandson's marijuana. Between stuffing it in and removing it, he had caused the ribbon cable to loosen. Interesting (and inventive) hiding place.

Other odd things I've found were a mousetrap (complete with dead mouse), misc tools (screwdrivers usually), a cheapo voltmeter and a pack of cigarettes.

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Someone mentioned mud...we ha

Someone mentioned mud...we had a tennat move out of one of our units. They had an Apple IIe in storage at the bottom of an enclosed cement walkway. It was in a block of ice. I still have it, and it worked fine after a lot of blow drying. Wink

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My Apple II non-plus is from

My Apple II non-plus is from 1978 and I always dreamed of finding the identity of the Zodiac Killer under the lid. Maybe a mask or a confession letter from the 70s. Didn't happen.

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