FS: PowerMac 6500/250 & Umax Powerlook II scanner

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FS: PowerMac 6500/250 & Umax Powerlook II scanner

Both in Tampa Bay area, Mac has newer zip drive that doesn't have the "death click". Scanner was only used on one large project and stored about 6 years ago, has the transparency adapter. Unfortunately I do not have SCSI capability on my new computer. $500 for the pair.

727-586-0462 ask for Mike.

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That seems a bit high

Ummm, I paid that much for one of those in 2000. You may need to lower your price in order to sell it. Unless you were looking for 50, not 500.

- iantm

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I hate to make much conversat

I hate to make much conversation here, but $500 willg et one a used G4 and a nice used scanner as well. I'm favoring a typo, unless he didn't check ebay, etc. for market prices.

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