FS - Powerbook 5300c plus Extras!

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FS - Powerbook 5300c plus Extras!

Okay, I'm clearing off the workbench to raise some
capital to pay for a grapite iBook, so them here's a
little something for your consideration.

Powerbook 5300c

100 MHz processer
56 mgs physical RAM (Doubled to 128)
2 gig HDD
Good active matrix screen (no dead pixels)
OS 8
CD Rom module
Apple Floppy Module
BookEndz Dock
VST Dual Battery charger
Extra battery (untested)
Pretty good battery (yeah, you heard right)
AC Adaptor (brick style)
great physical condition w/ only minor case scuffs.

I've been using this for a few months now and I
haven't had a bit of trouble with it. I haven't fully
tested the battery, I've powered up the book and used
it for about 10 minutes so far (not bad).

I'm asking $60.00 US (that includes domestic
shipping), and if this sells by midnight this evening
(Sunday), I'll toss in a SCSI PC Card and CD drive
(Panasonic KZX-D720).

For best (quickest) results, e-mail me at:


Shipping from San Antonio, Tx. 78216
(210) 375-6626


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e-mail sent

e-mail sent

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