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iBook Volume

Hi everybody,

I use my iBook a lot for playing dvd's and divx files on the move. But i plug my earphones in and the sound is loud for in normal conditions, but in a car it is very quiet. Is there a program available to boost the volume?



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Assuming the iBook's volume c

Assuming the iBook's volume control is set to max volume, and the video player's volume slider is also set to max, there's no way you can coax more volume through software. You'd need a hardware solution; the two options are:

1. In-ear earphones, like the ones Apple sells or the higher-priced (but higher-quality) models sold by companies like Shure and Entynotics.

2. A battery-powered headphone amp. The Boostaroo is probably the best commercial example of this; you simply plug it into your iBook, your headphones into the Boostaroo, and add two AAA batteries. There are numerous plans for DIY headphone amps out there, so you could go that route if you wanted to save some money (not much in the long run) or have a nice little soldering project.

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