SE/30 PDS network card driver

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SE/30 PDS network card driver

Hello everyone,

I've had the luck of being able to pick up an SE/30 rather cheaply. Being a classic mac newbie I figured the best way to learn the system would be to install a fresh system on it. So, I followed a bunch of guides to do this (wiped the drive, installed system 7.1). Only after I did all that, however, did I realize that the network card in the PDS slot required one or more extensions to work, which were installed in the 7.5.5 that came with it originally (since I did get networking to work there before I decided to wipe it). Now my question is: how do I find out what card I have, and following that, how do I obtain the appropriate extensions to make it work?

I've obviously considered opening it up to see, but I don't have the right screwdriver, and don't want to put damage on it using inappropriate tools. But if this is a required step I will see about finding better tools.

Thanks for any help.

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i recently bought one of those cards and i might be able to send the drivers to you, when the card gets here.

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SE/30 NIC drivers


SSW 7.1 doesn't have Apple System Profiler so popping the hood is the best way to find out. Unless there's a clue on the visible portion on the back of the machine. I forget how many manufacturers made those NICs but if you go to and enter "macdriver museum" you can download what's there and use trial and error. I'd start with asante.

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SE/30 PDS network card driver

...required one or more extensions to work, which were installed in the 7.5.5 that came with it originally...

Drivers for these cards are not extensions as separate files. They are resources, little bits of code inside the System file. You pretty much have to use the driver installer to load them (unless you are really handy with ResEdit). Also, some of the cards don't identify their manufacturer, so you may have to use trial and error anyway.

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