Upgraded Xbox W/20+ games for trade!

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Upgraded Xbox W/20+ games for trade!

Modified Xbox, 80 gig hard drive , logitech wireless controller,1 normal s type controller , games-amped2,beyond good and evil,crimson skies,d&d heroes ,freedom fighters,halo,007 everything or nothing,Mafia,Max Payne2,Medal Of Honor Rising Son,MX Unleashed,NFL Street,NFS Underground,Ninja Gaiden,PGR2,Rainbow Six 3,secret weapons over normandy, splinter cell Pandora Tomorrow, SSX3, The Suffering,Tiger Woods 2k4, Top Spin,Unreal 2, World Championship Pool 2k4, Wrath Unleashed, and Crash Nitro Kart Racing.
Plays backups of all kinds and runs linux!
Email me at godsdice8@netscape.net and tell me what you have trade !
definitely nothing less than a g3 Wink

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I got a: Beige G3 300 mhz

I got a:

Beige G3 300 mhz
768mb memory
20gb hard drive
PCI USB and firewire cards
OS X.2 & 9.2
Office X
Photoshop 7
Macromedia Studio MX
Finale 2004
Internal 100 mb zip
Internal Iomega 8x cd-burner

Not a bad machine; runs X well, screams in 9.2
Let me know what you think

P.S. I tried your e-mail address and the mail got bounced.

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