Albook AC Adapter

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Albook AC Adapter

Has anyone else having issues with the power cord on the new ibook and powerbook battery chargers. I've found with mine that at the square white box on the small wire end going to the laptop just as it leaves the box it is all loose and falling out. Apple store says they wont cover it under wear and tear unless i purchased the laptop threw a its either buy a new one..or hack this one.

What I'm wondering has anyone taken one of these AC adapters apart yet that could possible guide me where to prey and such, or if their are any tricks and tips i should know.

thanks in advance

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re: Albook AC Adapter

I just cracked one open to repair a damaged cord, similar situation to your's I bet.

Adapter is glued together along the visible seam. Best approach to opening I think is to flip open the cord winding flaps. Inside there you can use some sort of tool(s) to pry it open from those spots. I used a plier-like snap ring tool which spreads its jaws when you squeeze (unlike a regular plier which closes its jaws when you squeeze.)

There aren't any tricks, you just gotta break the glued (or welded more likely) seam. Patience and care will get it open without too much damage.

For re-assembly I used good old Ambroid ProWeld.

Dan K

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