Outbound Notebook Info and whatnot needed

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Outbound Notebook Info and whatnot needed

Hi everyone,

I recently decided to pull my Outbound Notebook 2030S out of the closet and see if I could do anything with it. I got it not terribly long ago from a PC tech guy who didn't know anything about Macs and wanted it out of his apartment. All I got was the laptop itself, with no manuals, adapter(s), documentation or anything of the kind. I've surfed the 'Net trying to find really good info on these old laptop clones, but nothing truly useful has turned up. Does anyone know where I can find online manuals, how-tos and whatnot about Outbounds?

The only place I found anything was at surf.to/outbound, but in order to view online manuals, one has to join the Outbound users' group for $25, and that's something I'd rather not do at this time. I've never booted it up since I got it, but would really like to be able to do something cool with it. If anyone on this forum has any info or help, I'd sure appreciate it!

Thanks and have a great day Smile


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just woundered if u still ha

just woundered if u still had the outbound?

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'u' may not but 'I' sure do.

I'm not sure if this guy has his Outbound any more, but my mom gave me her pristine 2030E last April, and I've dusted it off (not literally; it was *really* clean) and started looking around for upgrades. I finally tracked down a battery supplier:

Interstate Batteries

I think I've got a line on a 68882 fpu chip for $20, and I've downloaded the 7.0.x disk images from Apple.com so I may even be able to get this puppy on my network... somehow.

Anyhow, if you have any questions re: the adapter specs (22 VDC, 0.82A, [minus]-( o-)-[plus] tip) or anything else, I've got a manual as well.


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'u' = Sally, not 'this guy'

Teach me to read more closely...

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Outbound Laptop Model 125

Anyone else out there have the Laptop Model 125? I picked up seven of them in varying conditions in the early 90s, fixed and sold five of them and about broke even keeping one for me and one for my girlfriend.

I still have mine. It needs a new LCD panel cable and the hard drive died. It's *tough* to find a 60 MB (not GB) hard drive these days.

The biggest problem with the Model 125s is that when they're sold they've often been separated from their external floppy drives, which makes it near impossible to load software unless the hard drive is still booting and has a network client (AppleShare) loaded.

I've collected the parts to clone the external floppy drive (has a little circuit card behind the standard PC style floppy) except for the WD92C32 chip. Those are hard to find, unless you want to buy 50 of them at $5 each.

Has anyone tried 16MB SIMMs in the Silicon Drive? That would take the Silicon Drive to 64MB instead of 16MB which is the current maximum. Of course, battery life would probably disappear.

I'd really like to find someone with the skill and interest to hack the custom software for the thing so that it can support hard drives larger than 80MB. Where are all those guys who were hacking and decompiling 68000 code back in the day?

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