Tea drinking I Book

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Tea drinking I Book

My daughter spilled tea (with sugar) into her G4 I Book (1.33/12"). The computer shut down and will not restart. I suspect the logic board but are there any other components that may be the culprit? How can I isolate the problem so that I dont throw money at it?

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well ...

From my experience as the on site service technician at a deployment of 1200 iBook G4's, I can safely say that you will need to plunk money down to fix this. Since the unit won't power on, it's a safe bet that you'll need to replace the logic board. Depending on how much tea got in it, some may have pooled up inside of the machine, destroying the dc-in board as well. All tolled, you're looking at (this is a ballpark figure) about $700-$800 to repair. Again, this is based on what I've seen of this scenario on these units at the school district. If there's anything I can do to help, feel free to pm me.

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Home contents insurance?

If this happened to me, I'd definitely get out my insurance policy docs to see if I'm covered. Even after paying an Excess (typically £50 or £100 in the UK) and higher future policies, it sounds like it might be worthwhile.

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