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Waffle House

Don't know how many of you ever frequent the 'Awful Waffle' as we called it at my college, but I have always enjoyed my trips to Waffle House. It was a great place to go late at night/early in the morning to go and sober up after a good party, or just to hang out. Lately, I have been using on on the upper Westside of Atlanta to meet up with an old buddy to discuss plans to start my own company (long ways off that is) - I refer to the place as my 'executive board room'.

Nothing beats their egg and cheese sandwich, or their chocolate silk pie, or their cooked-to-order burger, or their hasbrowns (scattered, double-covered, smothered, diced, and chunked). Greasy as it all is, it is just damn good food served 24 hours a day, by hard working folks who could stand for a better dental plan, I admit, but the food is damn good.

Anyways, point of this thread, Waffle House is now accepting debit cards. This is so cool since I almost never carry cash.

With all the bad luck I have had lately, this little bit of good news (something to make my next trip to the 'Waffle' more convenient), was pleasing to learn of. So if you have ever enjoyed the Waffle House for any reason and did not know this, now you do.

If you have never been to the Waffle House, try it out; it is very low-brow, but the food is damn good - you true 'greasy spoon'.

If you do not like Waffle House, then kindly disregard this thread and let those who don't want any have memories of not getting any...

Hugs and kisses,
-- doug-doug the mighty (still seeking any freakin' job)

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We have two waffle houses nea

We have two waffle houses near here, One is 20 miles away, the other is around 25 miles away. If you go to the one that is closer, watch out. There are alot of sketchy people around there, and last year alone 3 or 4 people got shot in there. Alot of gangs I guess. IMO, its worth the extra 5 miles to go to the better of the two. Blum 3


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I Feel Those Arteries Cloggin'

That was one of the things I missed when I lived in Connecticut. In fact, the only restaurant they had like it (Bickfords) was not a 24 hour establishment.
In fact, I now have a hankerin'....

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never been to one...

Never been to one, but I've passed DOZENS on the way south to Ocean Springs Missisippi for part of the rebuilding effort- I'm a northern guy. I'll have to try it someday

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The Best Restraunt Ever!!!!!!

I would have to say that I love waffle house. I remember after some school dances my mom and I would go and get some breakfast. Another time, we had gone to Wal-Mart, and we went there about 3 in the morning.

I have to agree with ddtm, 'AWFUL HOUSE' RULES!!!

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Late Nights and "All You Can Eat"

Waffle House, to my friends and I, was a basilica of strong coffee and fried eggs, a shrine to Patty Melts and hashbrowns, the Church of Late Nights and All You Can Eat.

In the early 90's, we'd go out dancin' and drinkin', and would always hit the Waffle House on the way home. We couldn't find a better way to wind down from a night of driving techno bass lines and thumping hip-hop than to sit with a cup of coffee listening to Waylan Jennings or Ricky Van Shelton on the jukebox. The coffee was brewed in a Bunn that was at least 10 years old and had brewed millions of cups. The eggs, bacon, and hashbrowns were cooked on a grill that hadn't cooled off since the place opened. The newest song on the jukebox was "Shameless" by Garth Brooks.

We may have single-handedly forced them to stop their late-night All You Can Eat deals, the four of us. Doc would order a waffle, two eggs, and hashbrowns scattered-smothered-covered. Lurch would get pancakes, sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns scattered-smothered. TC would get an omlet, bacon, and hashbrowns scattered-smothered-covered-chunked. I'd get a Patty Melt, two eggs up, and hashbrowns scattered-smothered-covered.

Keep in mind that these orders were being placed every 30-45 minutes. We would eat the entire time we were there. (We were also in our early 20's, and didn't have to worry about gaining weight...)

There would be nights... well... actually, there would be mornings that we'd be there 'til the sun came up. One night in particular, we'd been there for about 4 hours, and the waitress came to tell us that they were running low on coffee, and the delivery truck wasn't coming until 6am. We all got this panicked look in our eyes, and asked her if the coffee would hold out that long. She assured us that it would, but since they were running low, they would have to charge us for an additional cup of coffee for each pot we drained. This was a bargain for us! We'd already sat there for four hours drinking free refills. We usually counted so that we could brag about it, and that night we'd already drained 12 pots! If paying another few bucks each could guarantee our spots on the counter for another couple of hours, we were all in.

We always tipped well, and the waitresses would remember us. We were only spending about $8 per person to sit there and eat and drink coffee for hours at a time, so there was always a 40% or 50% tip.

Now, my buds have all moved away. I haven't seen some of them in years. But when we do get together, we'll go have some drinks, play the fool for a while, and then go to Waffle House.

... and "Somebody Lied" will be on the jukebox.

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My salvation on a cold night...

a few months back, I had a 'mishap' leaving my apartment and tripped. The keys to my apartment broke loose from their ring on the flight of open stairs.I did not realize this until I tried to get back in after returning from a long day of work and then wifi surfing at the local Panera, so it was about 11 at night.

Here I was stuck outside in the cold, no spare key, and on the coldest night I had seen since being up in Atlanta. It actually did frost the cars and the ground with a thin layer of ice. The office was closed and there was no after-hours help for lock-outs, so I needed to wait for the office to open or get a lock smith. Cheap as I am, I opted to wait it out. I thought I would sleep in my car, but cold got the better of me. I eventually wised up and went to the Waffle House. As luck would have it, I also had a full charge on my laptop which I had brought with me that day.

So I spent a good 6 and a half hours with the server (and the cook aslepp a few tables away) playing minesweeper and doing little things on my iBook. I spent almost $20 in food (and tips) since I was eating the whole time too.

One thing you can always count on, Waffle House will always be there for you and you will be greeted with a smile (albeit often toothless). Wink

I got the office to cut a new set of keys for me that morning. I eventually did find the original keys about a week later.

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Waffle House is Awesome!

I had the pleasure of goin' to Waffle House while I was in Louisiana in 2004. Being from Canada, we don't have any of those American-style Diners around here.

Most people in Calgary wouldn't eat at Waffle House, too low-brow for the folk 'round here, but I loved it. It was a welcome change from all the cajun food I was eating while in Louisiana (don't get me wrong - I loved the creole cookin', but Lord-be-praised my stomach did not share those sentiments).

I wonder if they'd let me open a franchise up here in Canada? Worth a try I 'spose....


The Czar

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