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Help ... Please...

Hey there.

I know it's been a long time since I posted, but I've always know AF "fritter critters" to be of great help to anyone who comes here.

Basically, I've had an argument too many with Mom. We fell out, and now I have nowhere else to go. I need to find somewhere to live, and I need to find some way of discovering who I am, and building a halfway-decent life for myself.

I'm in the Aberdeen in the UK, but I'm looking at going to Canada in the summer ... Canada being the one place I truly feel at home.

I realy don't know what to do, I'm a wreck at the moment ... any advice?

Thank you kindly.


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I cannot help you with living arangements, but I can tell you after a decade long fued between my wife and my mom, time does heal much. Everyone has to go along You may feel that you are there, but the truth is you may not be, nor is anyone else. time and distance can help, but try like crazy to keep the lines of communication open.

Send cards for holidays and special occasions. Write a letter once in a while. Do not let the doors close, because when they do, opening them back up is so much harder.

For better or worse, you have family. Love them and understand that everyone has the least amount of patience when dealing with those they love the most.

At the very least, try to patch up a few things before you go off so it does not come off as being a hurtful act against her (even if she is the real reason you want to get away).

Just make sure that some ten to twenty years down the road you can look back and honeestly know that you did everything possible with every day you were given to bring you and her together and resolve the conflict. It will only serve to your future regret to have wasted years of your lives letting things go unresolved.

My wife and mother get along know, but it is my brother and I who have work to do, and if it takes another ten years of my life, it will be worth it if we finally get there.

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