Happy Canada Day

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Happy Canada Day

I thought I ought to start up the thread so that all of us Canucks can be proud to have been born where we happened to be born. So...happy Canada Day.

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Happy Canada Day from Souther

Happy Canada Day from Southern Ontario!

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On our honeymoon in 1994 ...

... we traveled from our home in Iowa and went all around the Great Lakes area. Through Wisconsin, the upper peninsula of Michigan, into Canada at Sault St. Marie. Around Lake Huron past Sudbury, then down into Toronto.

We stayed at campgrounds most of the way, but in Toronto we planned to get a hotel room. As we drove the last 10 miles into Toronto, we saw long queues of cars coming out of the city, and so I turned on the radio for a traffic report. That's when we learned about Canada Day. Suddenly our search for hotel vacancy became a bit more urgent.

After we got the room and unpacked our bags, we drove into downtown Toronto for the big to-do and had a blast. Hope this year's celebration is just as much fun.

Happy Canada Day, eh?

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Happy Canada Day from Texas!


Oh Can-a-daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(OK... that came out just a little more sarcastic that it was meant to be...)

Seriously, though, it's good to see people be proud of the land that houses them. Happy Canada Day, my Canadian friends. I shall toast you all with a Labatt's this evening.

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