EPROM Burner Schematic

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EPROM Burner Schematic

This message is for Vince since he designed a simple burner schematic, but if anyone else knows anything please reply. Do you know of a away to create a EPROM burner using the parallel or serial port? I want to do some Atari 2600 programming and I can buy a 2600 2K/4K PCB and a 2732 4K EPROM from AtariAge. I can't afford to buy an actual EPROM burner and want to know if I can build my own burner to program the EPROM through a PC parallel or serial port. Thanks!

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probably the cheapest and eas

probably the cheapest and easiest way is to buy one on ebay. They run about $25 for a usb version. There are also other ways and kits and plans on the net to build your own. What you also need is software to program it through the port. Here's one on ebay for $26:


This has been done many times so I know there are plans out there if you want to build your own but at $25 it's hard to build one for much cheaper.


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