Emac Fan Not Hooked Up by Repair Shop

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Emac Fan Not Hooked Up by Repair Shop

I just received my eMac back from a repair shop with a replaced logic board and analog video assembly. Trouble is, they didn't hook up the fan.

Presumably, the computer was run for testing at their shop; should I be concerned this will cause future problems? Last time this happened (yes, it happened before when the same shop did a HD replacement for me - jeez, huh) they credited me an hour labour, and the computer failed completely shortly thereafter.

As it's a repeat occurrence, should I be asking for more? I'm not trying to be opportunistic, but if the computer fails again due to their mistake, a $60 labour credit isn't going to do me a heck of a lot of good. Thoughts/suggestions appreciated.

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DO NOT use the computer until

DO NOT use the computer until you get the fan reconnected. eMacs are notorious enough for board failures (due to heat) with the fans connected; running the machine without any active cooling is just asking for trouble. Take the machine back in and demand they fix it. Then find another shop to do business with.

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Since technicians are human, mistakes are inevitable. Unfortunately, with the eMac's design, it's not hard to forget to hook up the fan. I've even forgotten from time to time, fortunately catching it before I put the casing back on. When you go in to have it taken care of do NOT be accusatory. Just explain that the fan doesn't seem to work since you got the computer back and you'd like to make sure everything is fine. The last thing in the world you want to do is come off as rude, nasty, etc. Treat them the way you'd like to be treated if you had made a mistake (chances are good that you don't like being accused of stuff or being yelled at) and you should be fine.

Things to keep in mind about the situation:

a) is there more than one person working in the service department? If so, do you know if it was the same person who made this error prior? It's also a good idea to make friends with someone in the service department.

b) How long has it been since the repair was performed?

c) Was the repair done using Apple OEM parts? If so you have a 90 day warranty from Apple on the repair. Parts from third party vendors (pre owned electronics, southern computer repair, etc.) come with different warranty terms (sometimes longer). Inquire about what kind of warranty the repair came with. If the warranty is only 90 days, see if you can get another 90 days for your peace of mind. If that time without a fan did any damage, it'd take it's toll within those first 90 days.

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*sheepish look* I've done this a few times to eMacs as well. It's very easy to miss it.

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