A nice use for old machines - StarTTY.com

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A nice use for old machines - StarTTY.com

From a post on the PETSCII forums I found StarTTY.com. It looks to be a nice service that can turn any telnet capable machine into an information kiosk. One of the demos is on a TRS-80 Model 100. I know that'll perk some people up around here. Wink A compact Mac with a serial line to another machine or some sort of ethernet (PDS or SCSI) connection or mab e an old PowerBook would make a nice RSS feed box. Do a picture frame hack on a PowerBook, and have it cycle in to the RSS feed if it gets an update or a t the push of a button, otherwise display pics. It might also be a good use for old B&W or greyscale PBs that wouldn't be candidates for a picture frame anyway. I do like that it'll work with anything that can get a telnet session going. That'll free it from being slaved to a local machine to provide the feed.

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Seriously cool!

Thanks for the link, Jon!
Might be a good use for some low power old lappy, too!

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That would be an awesome use for one of those old 486 pen computers, or a Newton, with a wireless card. Hell, you could probably do it with a PIC and an LCD.

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Re: Seriously cool!

Thanks for the link, Jon!
Might be a good use for some low power old lappy, too!

Aaagh. "Lappy". Totally off-subject, but count me in with the majority British opinion on that word. Whenever I see someone use the word "lappy" I always wonder if the author typed it while sitting quietly in their nice clean nappy, sucking their sippy. Shortly before heading off to beddy with Mr. Teddy.

(Nothing personal. It's just one of those personal "fingernails on the chalkboard" things. It even slightly beats calling portable emails devices "Berries".) ;^b


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I like "Lappy," especially wh

I like "Lappy," especially when Strong Bad says it.

A wireless Newton is already hooked up to StarTTY. So's a NeXTCube. Smile

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Yup, and that newton is [i][b

Yup, and that newton is mine!

Tee hee. I just had to chime in there Biggrin

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Now all i need...

now all i need is an old mac to use that service... hmm...

I did set one up and telnet in from my G4 'book just to try it. It's pretty cool, but, it lacks that oldschool feel unless you use a retro machine.

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