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It was inevitable

The breakup was like a slow avalanche. Once it was underway, there was no way to stop it...only watch the sad debacle that was once America's Couple.
For some time, Barbie had growing concerns over Ken's camping trips with Big Jim and his Kung Fu Grip.
Every time he came back he seemed...different. The change of clothes, the chest hair waxings, and all that Freddie Mercury and Frankie goes to Hollywood music. He never liked that music before!
She was sure it wasn't all chopping wood, karate moves and rescue missions.
I only feel sorry for the kids.

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A sham shack-up

This relationship was a sham of a shack-up anyway. His parents were right too. Without that wedding license, it just showed that she was playing him along all of these years. So what if they never consumated. . .

At least this is taking place in California. He's entitled to half of the Malibu Fun House, and all other assets. Now he and Action Jackson can go to City Hall in San Francisco and "tie the knot."

(the above note was not a slam on any group, except Mattel and Barbie lovers who don't have a sense of humor.)

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Well, it coul've also been th

Well, it coul've also been the fact that, with his lack of certain anatomical parts, Barbie found Ken inadequate and decided to shack up with GI Joe. When Ken came home and found Barbie and Joe in bed, he said "Joe, I thought you only loved me!" and ran out crying.

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They never even got married!

The sad part is that Ken will get nothing but the clothes on his back, because they never married. Sure, Barbie liked to get dressed up in wedding dresses, sometimes a couple of times a year, but she always left Ken waiting at the altar. Think about it: Ken didn't have a car, a house, he doesn't even have a job unless Barbie gets him one in the same field she is working in. Either he is a big loser or she is a major control freak.

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I've heard that Malibu Stacy

I've heard that Malibu Stacy has had her eye on Ken for some time now. Now that he's unattached she'll be all over him. At least that's what Smithers told me.

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