SE/30 PDS extension cable: I need one!

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IIsi adaptor + Ethernet + Turbo040 + video

I'm glad to see that someone else is interested in this hack besides just me!

I have a SuperMac Spectrum 8/24si card, which is similar to yours but has QuickDraw acceleration. I was hoping to get it inside my SE/30 with my IIsi adaptor, T040, and AsanteNet card, but stopped after moving the video connector to a pigtail and finding out that the card is 24-bit incompatible.

If you make any progress on the PDS Ribbon Cable, please keep us informed; we're very interested.

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Right angle PDS connectors

Where did you get those right angle PDS connectors?
I need couple of them.
I appreciate the info.

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digikey is your friend

Digikey carries them. They're listed as 120 contact Euro-din connectors (also called 41612 DIN connectors). Page 418 in their current catalog shows them. An example would be the A1277-ND. If you go to Tyco/Amp's website, they have CAD drawings you help you visualize the parts and you can parametric search your way into all the variations and types you might need.


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Pls help ID parts

I am still trying to assemble the parts to make my PDS extension cable and could use some help identifying some component parts. THis is a photo of various PC connections like USB motherboard connectors, temperature probe, power reset, etc.:

This photo shows the female connector that resides in the black housing:

Here are those various connectors attached to a PDS card:
Note that the fit perfectly within the rows of 40 and across them.

These are photos of a gender bender pins that would fit in the female side of one of black connectors:

Here is how these pieces could be used together to make the PDS extension:

Does anyone know vendors and part numbers for these 3 components:
1. the black plastic housings. I have seen them in 2x5, 1x5 and 1x10
2. the gender bender pins
3. the female connectors that reside within the black plastic housings

I have checked digikey and and they don't have them.

Any leads would be appreciated!


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Solder vs. Connectors

The benefit of using multiple connectors as you intend to do is clear: you can easily and conveniently disconnect all the wires from the PDS connector at any time, without any permanent damage to the PDS connector. But the drawbacks are also clear. Some wires may slip out over time unless the connectors fit extremely tight. Since your SE/30 no doubt has at minimum one fan, the vibrations induced into the frame by that fan can and will work loose connectors free. Another consideration is oxidation of the pins over time (we're talking years here, of course), which would not occur if you used solder. Of course, yet another benefit of solder is that you don't need to go searching for multiple connectors -- you can just use the solder and iron you have now.

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Odds and Ends

I *know* that this isnt as comprehensive of a source as DigiKey, Mouser, etc etc but it would be worth poking around at All Electronics:

All Electronics

-- Macinjosh

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Hmm. The separate connectors

Hmm. The separate connectors approach would be an interesting angle on re-mapping PDS connectors that are electrically the same but physically different (IIcx was it?)

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Finally done...

It has been some time since I posted on this forum. I finally got around to wrapping this project up and posted the details here.

When I was done I went to post here but I think the site was in the process of getting its update which looks nice.


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