One Extra Question About the G4 iMac

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One Extra Question About the G4 iMac

Well after considering a iMac I was looking and not many include the Apple Pro Speakers and if I am to buy them I have one question. In some pictures I've googled in the past with G4 Computers the Pro Speakers have a small translucent box or casing the speakers connect to do you need this and what are you to call it ?

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If I'm not mistaken, that's t

If I'm not mistaken, that's the amp. I think you only needed that with the G4 Cube. The pro speakers have a special connector on them vs. just an 1/8 plug. Its is more like a 4 conductor 1/16 with a circle of metal around it. most macs until recently had the receptacle for the special plug.

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No need for an extra box

As a former iMac G4 owner, I can say with certainty that you don't need anything else - just plug the pro speakers into the iMac and you're good to go.

I love my iMac G5, and I am looking forward to replacing it with the new aluminum iMac I just ordered - but the G4 iMac will always be one of my very favorite computers. It has so much personality and unparalleled ergonomics.

In fact, I think my ideal computer would be an aluminum version of the iMac G4 design, with a slot-load CD drive and up-to-date components inside (i.e. Core 2 Duo CPU, 20" widescreen LED-backlight LCD, etc.)


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