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I have been looking everywhere googling for everything. All in search for a site that i can download a full version of A/UX. Could somebody please help me? :?

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Search the old threads . . .

. . . cuz threads asking for "commercial" software like this one get padlocked PDQ here on 'fritter and fairly quickly over at the barracks, even for abandoned clovis era crud like A/UX.

You might try searching here, there or on the old AF & MLA sites for info/hints/etc that . . . "made it in before the lock."

jt Wink

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:macos: its out there! First, theres hotline. But even without searching HL sites its been online for years. I wont say where, but seriously, its sitting in 2 places I know of, not including the updates which are also all over the place. You just need to look harder. And as the owner of 2 Apple Workgroup server 95's with full AUX software and Manuals, let me give you some advice. Be aware BEFORE you install it that it hasnt been updated in so many years its a serious security risk to hook it up to the internet. Just sayin. GL

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mystery... why?

just send the poor sap a private message with some links...

And while you're at it, can we at least post what the specific security risks may be?

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The specific security problems would peobably be too numerous to list. They stem from the fact that A/UX hasn't been updated in so long that any buffer overflow/password exploits that have since been discovered haven't been patched. Not to mention the fact that I don't think it has SSH built in, and Telnet is about as insecure as they come.

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Oddly, there is a public non-"wares" site with a full image of A/UX 3.0.1 on it. The file is in there with some older Mac OS updates and other public files.

It has been there forever, and no one seems to care.

I'm sure if one were to google around for it...

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or try search applefritter fo

or try search applefritter for www.applemachome.com and go to that thread to find that site.... Wink

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:o is that what it looks like?!

Must buy Quadra must buy Quadra...

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