FS:T Bunch Of Mac Stuff and OTher Stuff

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FS:T Bunch Of Mac Stuff and OTher Stuff

AMD K62 450MHZ Compaq PC 64MB RAM 8GB HD- Make Offer
HP Jet Direct Print Servers.... Use your Parallele Printer Over Ethernet 5 bucks each
HP ScanJet 6100C Scanner- Works With DeskScan II software 10 bucks each
HP LaserJet III New Toner Cartridge-- 20 bucks
Miscellaneous PowerBook 100 series parts, im me with what u need.
B&W G3 400 Mobo and Proc in atx case asking 75 for it

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I am interested in the B@W

I am interested in the B@W G3 in the ATX case. I have a few questions though. Is this a Rev 1 or Rev 2 motherboard? Is there a power supply in the case? Is the motherboard bootable?

Answers to these questions could possibly make the sale.

You can either respond here or mrlion@gmail.com me.


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