Memory Cpmpatibilty for IIgs Board 670-0025-A

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Memory Cpmpatibilty for IIgs Board 670-0025-A

I've got a IIgs w/ROM1 and with a memory expansion board in the slot. Part# of apple card is 670-0025-A. Bank (0?) memory chips were soldered directly to the board and the remaining 3 banks had empty sockets.

All was working well until I wanted to play an old game (Shadow Gate by Icom) and the system reported out of memory. So, I went on e-bay to purchase what I thought was the correct type of memory chips. The 16-pin DIPs I purchased read:

GS I23W Korea
GM71256- 12

I visited one of the old usenet posts and found out how to set the two jumpers. I tried this and get one of a couple of errors:

"Sorry, system error $00FF occured while trying to run the next application."

"Fatal system error 0308"

The errors do not appear when I set the jumpers back to factory and I assume, disables the newly added memory. This tells me that the memory is not compatible. Can I get a second opinion on that?

Also, if my assumption is correct, what is the correct type of part that I do need and what is a good source to find this stuff. If I'd be better off getting a different type of memory board, I'd be open to that suggestion too.


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memory card

There are 2 NEW memory cards for the IIgs being sold right now.

One is from Briel Computers:
4Megs for $59.

The other is from 16Sector:
8Megs for $179.

I own the former, and works great for me.

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