WTB: 400mhz TiBook Mobo

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WTB: 400mhz TiBook Mobo

I have an excellent condition tibook in my hands but the motherboard seems to dead. I'm looking for a working replacement.

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did'ja . . .

Yeah yeah, I know, no chatter in the buy and sell . . . but I'm compelled to point this out:

Did you try unplugging the PRAM battery and then trying to start it up? These early (Mercury) TiBooks are near-as-dammit the same hardware as the Pismo and suffer similarly from the dead-PRAM-batt syndrome. I've revived a bunch of seemingly dead Mercury TiBooks like this. In fact, I've not yet seen a dead Mercury that didn't respond.

Once the 'Book starts up, you can plug the PRAM back and let it charge.

Alright, the following inserted give this post some legitimacy:
If that dun't work, give me PM, I've got at least one spare Mercury MLB around here I could be persuaded to part with. (I'm in USA 08618 BTW)

dan k

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