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Apple /// Owners


I just recently bought an Apple ///. I owned one back in 87-88 that I was given by a school I did some work for keeping their Apple ]['s working.

I am wondering if there are other /// owners out there and if there are any sites/support for Apple ///, SOS and ][ emulation, doc's, mods etc...

I really didn't see much on google when I did a search for apple /// and apple 3


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Apple ///

Most, if not all, Apple // programs and software
will run on your Apple ///. For possible sources
of Apple /// software, you might try visiting the
"A2-Web!" at
there are a number of suppliers, owners and web-
sites that link to support of this machine. Also
there are a number of people on this board who
have experience with this machine and may be able
to help. The Apple /// was primarily built as a
business computer, but it was quickly outmoded and
replaced with the Macs. The hardware initially had
problems due to assembly and lack of coolong which
caused socketed chips to "back out" of their board
sockets. This caused a number of other problems
that affected overall reliability and acceptance
even though Apple Computers rectified them in later
iterations of this computer. Anyone who has one now
truly owns a "collectors item" due to its short pro-
duction run, problems and small number of programs
issued/written specifically for this machine.

Hang on to it and play with it!

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You can get some Apple /// so

You can get some Apple /// software from but you will need an apple ii to write the diskimages to disk then you can use the images on your apple ///

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I believe the premier source

I believe the premier source of information and software for the Apple /// is the Washington Apple Pi club at

Jim Nichol

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For posterity's sake... the Washington Apple Pi's web page is now:
and the Apple /// section is:

I've mirrored their A3 disk collection here:

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Oooh! More posterity!

ADTPro works natively on SOS now - you no longer need an Apple II to transfer disk images. Well, in truth, the original ADT runs on the /// under emulation - just remember that the built-in serial port of the /// is mapped to slot 7. See:

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The ///


If you go to the Apple II History website (
there is a complete section on the Apple ///. Mainly, the /// was a good idea turned into a nightmare by committee. It was plagued with heat problems due to the chassis being solid aluminium. It's weight is at least 35 pounds (and thats just the chassis).

I think that if Apple would have packed the internal hardware in a IIe case and called it the ///, they might have had something.

lol I have four of them sitting at home. One has been torn down to parade rest so I can figure out a cooling solution.

Best Regards,
Steven (gsmcten)
"Apple II...It's Alive!!!"

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Re: Oooh! More posterity!

Heh, that has to be the first new piece of software written for the Apple /// in a very, very long time.

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