Powermac G3 front panel board to a Powermac G4 motherboard?

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Powermac G3 front panel board to a Powermac G4 motherboard?

Has anybody ever modified a Powermac G3 front panel board cable to connect to a Powermac G4 motherboard? I came into a Powermac G3 case and also came across a G4 AGP Graphics motherboard. The motherboard fits just fine and largely goes in pretty much 1:1 with the G3 board's connections (so far, excluding the CD Audio cable connector that was on the G3 motherboard).

What's left is a 20 pin plug with a ribbon cable attached and a 3 pin plug that connect to the G3's front panel board. The connector on the G4 only has 10 pins and doesn't have any other connectors available. I would like to reuse the G3's front panel board and as such would like to hear about a success story, or at least a set of pinouts for the G3 front panel board and the G4's front panel board motherboard connector so I can finish up this swap out.

Alternately, if anybody has a G4 Powermac AGP Graphics front panel board with cable that they'd like to sell for a reasonable price, I'd be interested in that as well.

Thanks for your time.

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my 2¢

Methinks that acquiring a G4 AGP front panel board is going to be a lot less work than modding your existing hardware. Let me have a look through my parts farm and see what I can find -- no promises. I'll PM you this weekend with the results of my search.

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Parts Farm?

CW, that must be a very interesting parts farm you've got if you could pop up with one of those and not know if you've got it or not. I see you have 24 Macs. What does this "farm" look like? The thought of it has inspired me to create this thread:
How do you pile your Macs?
Hope to see you there, if you want to bother letting us take a peak.

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