A Peculiar II GS Problem....

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A Peculiar II GS Problem....

Good Evening All,

I have just recently completed my apple IIc upgrade (as posted) and decided to start upgrading my ROM03 II GS. This is what is installed:

- 4 MEG RAM Card (I could have gone 6 MEG, but everything I have read says that the CPU
will not recognize it.)
- 128 MEG CFFA Card (4x 32MEG Partitions) ( I Plan on Upgrading this to a 256 MEG Card and
8 partitions when Henry decides to re-open the
Reactive Micro Store. lol)
- 5.25 Controller Card
- 3.5 SuperCard Controller
- TransWarp IIGS Card (I also plan on doing a ROM upgrade on this card when Henty
is open for business again.)
- Uthernet Card
- MDI Ideas Supersonic Stereo Card with Supersonic Digitizer/Sound Editor

Everything is operational when the lid is off the computer.

The problem begins once I close the lid. Within about three to five minutes I start getting scrambled eggs (Random color blocks) on my monitor and then the screen goes black.

I turn the unit off and restart it, but it will not boot completely.

I remove the top, restart the unit, she comes right up with no problems, and continues to operate as long as I want to keep her running.

Now is this wierd, or what?

I am hoping that someone here ( since there are so many smart folks on Applefritter) might be able to tell me what, if anything, I may be doing to cuase this, or if anyone has seen this type of behavior before and knows what the culprit is.

As usual, any and all ideas, remarks, or comments are appreciated. Smile

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I do not think it is heat bui

I do not think it is heat build up, but what happens when you put the lid on with out actually closing it. The heat would build up over time. But you say it will not boot.

You could try to set the lid on with out closing it down. If it works with no problems over a period of time then heat and a weak power supply is not the problem.

With the lid clamp down the metal lining RF shielding is touching or causing something to touch that should not be.

Next I would try wax paper or an anti static plastic between the cards. Maybe just maybe the cards touch one another when the lid does a snap down. The rest is looking for what the lid touches when it is closed. Maybe carbon paper can leave a trace when you line the lid with it. Or a white sheet of paper between two sheet of it should leave a mark where anything touches it when the lid is snapped shut.

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It's the heat.

You've fully loaded that machine, including one of the hottest, most power-hungry cards you can - a TWGS card - and no fan? It's the heat. I bet you'd be ok if you just took the TWGS card out. But what you really need is a fan. One of those System Saver GS fans would fit the bill nicely.

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I have one of the IIGS Power Supply fans hooked up and running.

Yes, the TWGS IS the most power hungry card installed.

I will attempt ALL of the suggestions provided and give the outcome.

Thanks one and all. Smile

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I, too, am running my IIGS wi

I, too, am running my IIGS with one of Henry's CFFA cards.. as well as an Apple SCSI II card with 2 external hard drives. Because I am constantly changing CF cards, I leave the cover off the unit so that I'm not constantly pulling the system out from under the monitor stand & having to open the cover just to change cards. I find I get less dust inside the case this way, as opposed to running a covered unit with a fan, which draws tremendous amounts of air & dust through the system.

I agree with one of the previous responders to your post - I use mylar sheets between adjacent cards (cut to the size of the cards) to make sure there is no inadvertent contact between cards. You can pick up sheets of mylar at most arts supply shops, craft stores, etc.


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