Apple I Replica

Today is possible to relive the thrills that computer geeks had back in the 70’s, when the only way to own computer was to build one, by hand, literally. One of these computers was the Apple I, the father of all, a great computer designed and hand build by the co-founder of Apple Computer, Steve Wozniak.
Today’s computers are so simple to use (but hard to understand under the hood), that sometimes we forget the genesis of these awesome machines, machines that made computers what are today. The working logic of the 70’s computers where straight forward, and, this logic you can still find in our modern super graphic user interfaced computers.
It’s good to stop and think sometimes, what pioneers like Steve Wozniak give to us; it’s pretty hard to think what computers could of been today without the Apple I and Apple II...
So, if you want that thrill, warm your soldering iron and start putting some chips together making an Apple I Replica.
World wild you can only find two Replica kits. The first ever built was done by Vince Briel, with his Replica I, but, for those like me that live in europe, you can also purchase an A-One Replica from Franz Achatz.
Vince and Franz have done two awesome jobs with there Replicas, you can see all the passion behind the engineering of there creations, put together in high quality standards electronics.
In this page, you’ll find two of my Apple I Replicas based Franz’s A-One Replica. Both of them are housed in wooden cases like back in the 70’s, to give not only the feel but the looks of a great vintage computer.

My first Apple I Replica (v.1) was completed in the early 2007.


This is my game for the Apple I, Find the Queen.


My goal was to make as quick as possible a case for my A-One. My only disappointment was the keyboard, I used a very cheep “no brand

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Is Achatz still making the kit, I had trouble with the site..