Microsoft Word (Mac Word) in a G4

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Microsoft Word (Mac Word) in a G4

I am using Microsoft Word (Mac Word) in a G4 for the first time (up until today I have been using the G4 as a standalone unit for ProTools).
I have created some documents that I want to delete, BUT I cannot find any way (drop down menus, Delete Key, move to Trash, etc.) to DELETE a doc.
Can someone explain how to accomplish this, seemingly simple, operation?
Thank you very much.
Tom A

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Re: Microsoft Word (Mac Word) in a G4

Where are you trying to delete them from? The recently opened list or from your documents folder? if its from the docs folder then just drag to trash, or from any folder for that matter. if its the MRU list then from what i understand you cant, you just delete the doc from the folder.

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Re: Microsoft Word (Mac Word) in a G4

The documents are not stored in Word, they are saved on your mac. You can think of them as real letters, stored in a folder. Search your Mac for the name of one, sounds like this was confusing for you. They are typically saved in your documents folder in your user home folder. Move them to the trash can on your dock. Then empty the trash from the finder menu to delete them permanently.
this video from apple on mac finder basics might be helpful. Good luck.

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