Stackable storage box for Apple II systems?

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Stackable storage box for Apple II systems?

I have several original A2S1 Apple II systems, and for space reasons I keep them stacked one atop another in my closet when not being used. Ideally I'd like to find a perfect, inexpensive plastic storage box that each system could be kept in to protect from dust and scratches. If the boxes are molded to allow stacking, then even better! The tricky part is an Apple II dimensions are 18"(457mm)x15.25"(387)x4.5"(113) so while there are certainly boxes that are big enough, all the ones I've seen are a few inches larger than necessary for this specific purpose. My goal is to find a box that is just the right size and purchase several of them.

Anyone here discover such a box?

Please share, thanks!


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Re: Stackable storage box for Apple II systems?


Have you tried looking online?
Also, have you looked in places like K-Mart, Home Depot, Lowes, or Walmart?
Sometimes they carry plastic stackable storage like that.

Good Hunting!

Steven Smile

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