dual sata to ide device

A simple, and cheap, dual SATA (one controller each for master and slave connectors) works as advertised (OS-transparent). I suppose this would allow the use of bigger drivers if you used Intech's high-cap drivers. I was just trying to make use of the many SATA drives I had lying about.



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Where did you get it? Smile

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I think the brand name was Koutech, off of eBay. I think they are out-of-stock on it but I saw some other ones that would probably work just as good.

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I grabbed a couple bi-directional adapters off ebay, though it took a month and a half for the slow-boat to arrive with them. Smile
They were less than $3 each. Slightly lower quality than yours judging by the photo. Mine are smaller, blue, and require a switch and jumper to be set depending on which type of drive is being converted.