Building my first clone

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Building my first clone

Hi everyone, I recently became interested in building my own Apple I clone, but I couldn't find much about the parts involved in the process...
I would like for it be similar to the original design (so no Replica 1), but also to keep my budget limited, I don't want it to be time accurate, but to work and look like one.

Is there a list of suggested components? What I could manage to find was mostly about the accurate components, not the "generic" ones.
Is there a preferred board to use?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Building my first clone

Hello Fabio,

i´d recommend to use the search function in the upper right corner....
use the Term apple 1
there is a rather large bunch of threads related to the topic,
with pictures and info´s about different boards, board sources
as well as the components.....
the one thing to keep in mind is that it gets by newer time more difficult to
gain for several components.... this is also part of the topics...
spend an afternoon reading and you´ll get nearly all availiable infos in past threads ....

welcome to the board....
sincerely speedyG

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Re: Building my first clone


You probably have already seen my web page, but just in case.

I'm not so sure how limited your budget is, but using original components gets expensive, even if you aren't worried about date codes and manufacturers. Some of the parts have been out of production for many years. For example, the power supply section, with transformers, rectifier diodes, regulators, and smoothing capacitors may cost you a $100 or more.

Also there is Yahoo group called retro-restore, where a number of clone builders have made posts. There is a paper in the files section covering building the power supply.

Mike Willegal

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