EyeTV 3 Software on PPC

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EyeTV 3 Software on PPC

Does anyone have experience using this video digitizing software on a PPC G4? The listings say that there was a universal binary version up to v3.3.3. The software is currently for sale in version 3.6.8. The company says that if you need to, you buy the current software, and can downgrade it to a previous version from within the software. But if you're running a PPC you can't run the new version to do the downgrade. Any advice?

BTW I'm using an EyeTV 200 hardware device that works great with my TiPowerBook to grab over the air signals. But the EyeTV software that comes with that is in the v1 range. It doesn't support saving the Closed Caption signal when exporting the video files, which needs to happen for my uses. The v3 software does the job (reportedly). I have a higher powered G4 (1.67Ghz) to run the heavier duty software if necessary.

Last seen: 1 year 1 week ago
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Re: EyeTV 3 Software on PPC

Okay, now I have experience with it. I made the buy for the legit activation code, downloaded the modern version on a modern Mac, downgraded it from within the software to get a version to work on a PPC G4 running OS 10.4.11, transferred it over, went through the installation assistant and it works great! Below is some guidance that I found to be helpful for the downgrading procedure.

To update your version of EyeTV 3, you can use Check for Updates from the EyeTV menu.
That will upgrade to the next higher point version, like from 3.0.4 to 3.1.
However, if you want to move to an older version, you’ll need to use a special feature.
While EyeTV 3 is running, you can enter an URL into a web browser, that will force EyeTV to download a specific version.
That URL is in the form:
eyetv://checkforupdates?build=xxxx (where xxxx is a specific 4 digit build number for EyeTV)
Each release of EyeTV has a special build number, and you can have more than one available build for each point release. For example, EyeTV 3.0.4 has more than one build available – the newer builds fixed errors that were reported.

to download a specific build:eyetv://checkforupdates?build=xxxx
(where xxxx is a specific 4 digit build number for EyeTV)
Here are the latest builds for each version of EyeTV 3:

EyeTV 3.1.2
EyeTV 3.2
EyeTV 3.2.1
EyeTV 3.3
EyeTV 3.3.2
EyeTV 3.3.3

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