Apple I Pre NTI Date Codes & Visuals

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Apple I Pre NTI Date Codes & Visuals

Apple I Pre NTI Date Codes and visuals.

I used to have this information and once a fellow AF member sent me a link to his web page that had pictures.

I am half way through my Mimeo build but I stopped for over a year and have forgot everything, changed laptops and lost all my links.

Does anyone have this info to save me a lot of time building it back up ?


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Re: Apple I Pre NTI Date Codes & Visuals

Hello Clint,

if i remember correct i shared 2 or 3 years ago my file of bookmarks with you
and that file contained all links....
i exported that file from firefox browser.....
EDIT: I scanned old pm's and found former email adress note....
i sent linkcollection as HTML-Bookmark file exported from Firefox.
With import function in Bookmark properties you can import links to

one of the sources was my site.....
very top of the index is related to several pages about the Apple 1:

recognize also that a few weeks ago the sales of MIMEO boards has moved from
Mike Willegal's site to Corey's Site.
Link to new site is :
Corey is still busy in construction of the site....

several months ago member sherlock published pictures of a beautifull case
and measurement drawings here at:
maybe you missed that thread and should review it....

merry xmas holidays and healthy jump to the new year

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Re: Apple I Pre NTI Date Codes & Visuals

Well a couple of things to be aware of. There were some variation in the date codes and chips used on the pre-NTI boards. I have some example pics of boards that I know haven't been modified or touched. The first 50 pre-NTI were more consistent than the second 50. With the NTI boards not only were chips inconsistent but so were many of the discrete parts like the smaller electrolytic caps and diodes.


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