Error Running Test Drive 2

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Error Running Test Drive 2
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Hey I'm trying to run the Apple IIgs version of Test drive II on the Apple IIGS emulator Sweet16 on my Mac
I've download multiple versions of the disk images online, but no matter which version of the TD2 Master disk I try I get this error "Error 004C" which means "end of file encountered"
I've Attached a picture of the error screen. What do I do?
If anybody has an idea on how to get Test Drive II to run correctly, please let me know.

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I've tried to boot the Test Drive II.2mg files found on the WhatIsTheAppleIIGS website in KEGS32 (windows based emulator).
There are 2 files with the same name in the archive, they both work : title screen appears. Pressing a key asked for the Play Disk to be inserted.
FYI, KEGS32 uses Apple IIGS ROM01.

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