Apple IIe key caps switch

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Apple IIe key caps switch

Finally got an apple IIe, it’s in good shape, except the caps lock switch is toast. I’ve been trying to find a replacement, they broke the top shaft clean off. I have all the keys, and everything else, just can’t find that switcH.





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Is it the Platinum with the

Is it the Platinum with the built-in keypad, or an older model?  I think the Plat uses different keyswitches (but I wouldn't swear to it, but they sure do feel different).  I don't have an extra caps switch, unfortunately, but just sayin'.


If you still have all the pieces, there is always the ol' dot of JB Weld (be careful not to overdo it), if you can get the broken stem out of the keycap.  I mean, the worst that happens is you mess up the keyswitch, but it's already messed up anyway right?  :D

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I might have one for a

I might have one for a Platinum //e.  Someone was 3D printing replacement key stems, but I don't know if the ones they were making will work in the caps lock switch since it is a special one.  The caps lock, being the only unique one is of course going to be the hardest one to find.  I'm not sure what it is worth, but probably a bit more than a regular key switch.



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