Finally got an Apple II+. What's next?

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Finally got an Apple II+. What's next?

I have several IIe's, a couple IIgs's and a couple IIc's.  But I always wanted an original II and II+.  I can't afford a II and, over the years, I've noticed that II+'s run around the $200 - $400 range depending on condition, etc.  However, I've noticed recently a few under the $200 range.


Anyway, last year I found an II+ motherboard for around $70 or so and it works great.  Later on, I bought an empty II+ case that looks near mint!  It was around $49.  Then, just last week, I found a complete II+ for $117!  I couldn't believe it.  However, the case is all messed up with permanent carvings and holes.  But that's OK, I mostly needed the PSU and keyboard as I have everything else.


So now I have all of the parts for a complete II+ that looks almost brand new.  I think I will recap the PSU (or look into a new replacement).  I also have a Disk II card, some drives and a 80 column card.


My question now is, what next?  I never got around to getting a FloppyEmu.  I've always just used serial transfer and real floppies.  I have some electronics experience and have built a Mockingboard on a breadboard once.  So I may build my own Mockingboard prototype board.


But what else should I get?  I know the II+ is a little different.  I should have a language card somewhere too.  I'm a little spoiled to the IIe.

I'd like the II+ to be my go-to Apple II if possible but I'm wondering if the smaller amount of RAM and lack of DHGR (IIRC??) mode.


Thanks for any suggestions!

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Congrat's on obtaining your ][+ ...

I prefer the Apple ][/][Plus because IMO that's where it really all started.  Now that you have one, it's time to see what a REAL 64K computer can do as compared to the ones that came after.  In short, you can do pretty-much everything from a practical level as long as you don't mind reduced memory  (though in many cases that can be managed) or reduced resolution and a few less colors. ;-D

A few recomendations if you're up to the challenge ...

Get a Saturn 128K memory card for slot zero.  You 'll need to put the memory chip back into the E1 slot that's usually removed for the 16K memory card.

Get a Super Serial Card for Slot 1.  Serial is still often used for Apple ]['s and serial printers (if you so choose to use a printer) are often available.

Slot 2 open for options.

Get a Videx 80 column card for Slot 3.  It's the universal slot for 80 comulm cards and this card made it that way.

Get a Mouse Card for Slot 4.  MouseWrite, MousePaint and a few others use this and Apple (sort-of) dedicated Slot 4 for the Mouse.

Slot 5 open for options

Slot 6 - Use this for your Disk ][ Drive Card.  Preyy-much everybody does.

Slot 7 open for options.


That get's you started with (what I consider) the basics to an Apple ][ / ][ plus.


Slot 2 can be used for the Uthernet Card if you like playing with Ethernet communications.

Slot 5 can be used for the "Solid state drive cards" such as Floppy EMU or SDisk ][ card or other storage cards that you can get ahold of.

Slot 7 can be your "everything else" slot but beware some cards will not work in Slot 7 while others might require it.  Different signals on that slot...


Enjoy your "new" Computer!

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Floppy card and drive.

Floppy card and drives are  pretty cheap. Also the 16k memory upgrad board is cheap to push it to 64k. If you Get lucky you can find even a bigger one.





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